One comment on “After the first rain of 2015

  1. Gorgeous scenery.

    Perhaps in a year’s time (if at all) one project on my mind is to put, into a play, songs that my brother (Roman, now in Houston, TX) and I wrote some 35 years ago. (no, I’ve never had the chance to learn music, just wrote some lyrics)
    As I see it (though he disagrees) is to put the collection into “Prairie Highway” set at a saloon with photos of the area as the big screen back drop. Photos would be on the screen for about 10 seconds each, have in the corner a credit to the photographer, location and date of photo.

    Would you be interested and do you have photos in your collection that would add to the theme?
    (Prairie scenery and life, and yes you and your mother on your Harley would fit both.)
    Is there a photo club where I could tap into talent as well? Take care – johnC

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