3 comments on “One last day in Toronto.

  1. You take some really good pics . . . quite enjoy following your blog and finally figured out the comments process.

  2. Ted, Mark here – r80 rider, we met in the prairies somewhere. Glad you completed your cross-country trip. What was the mechanical issue you had here? Looks like he’s adjusting the valves?

    • Hi Mark, last time I saw you guys was when entering Winnipeg just before the rains came. You’re correct it was valves. I’ve been adjusting and setting airhead valves for 20 years without a problem but somehow it wouldn’t take that time. They were way, way off. Ted Rose set it up, just like I should have. Just one of those things I guess. I just wanted to get out of T.O. and rushed it. Good to hear from you Mark. Cheers!

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