2 comments on “Area 51

  1. I don’t think Don Campbell is an alien, but not 100% sure.
    Regarding the real Area 51, when I took the kids to Las Vegas about a decade ago, I rented a car and we drove to Death Valley. We stopped at Indian Springs where I left the car and walked up steps against a large brick wall separating Area 51. An alien must have escaped because on the other side I saw 3 helicopters, 3 tanks and a dozen jeeps on exercise. Later, I went into the convenience store, bought bottled water and a rubber alien head for the antenna of my car which I still use. “I visited Area 51 and all I got was this dumb bobber.” – JohnC.

    • Its nice to see that Area 51 also known as the Curry Bowl still has some kind of life forms inhabiting the building 🙂

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